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Nowadays it is very difficult to judge who really offers a professional, reputable and trustworthy service.


Are you unsure about all our promises?

(Moving service / Technical / Installations services)


If so, then take a look at some images below, from which you can judge our experience, quality and professionalism yourself.

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Office new furniture assembly

Professional moving service with Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly and Packing Service

New Wardrobes Assembly Service

Bed - bunk bed - loft bed - Assembly Service

Ceiling lights Installation

Pictures, picture rail & gallery rail Installation

Installation Curtains Systems

Office Moving Service & new office furniture assembly

large shelf Assembly with lighting

Full House complete Installation

complete installation full apartment

complete Apartment all Round Installation

Complete new furniture assembly of high quality furniture from Italy

Immediately professional Moving Services across Europe

Moving packaging service according to customer requirements

(Garden house) special installation according to customer requirements

Painting service for your rental apartment / house / office

professional (painter service) walls improvement complete apartment / house

Final cleaning of the rented apartment / house / office