I.D Installation & Hanging of Artworks, Picture Frames, Gallery Rails


in Frankfurt am Main and around, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Darmstadt, Bad Homburg, Mannheim, Heidelberg

Art and pictures that we hang on our walls reflect something about us. They are therefore the most personal part of our home or office.

Our hangings and installation services are used by private and corporate customers and architects. I.D specializes in placing and hanging your art, pictures and photos perfectly. As experts, we have been serving our customers with professional picture frame installations for over 12 years.

We have a wide range of custom solutions for hanging pictures, art and frames. These can be provided in your private apartment, house, company, office, sales room, hospital, retirement home, law firm and clinic.

Installation Types:

  • Movable Hanging Systems: The picture/gallery rail system is a perfect example for hanging your art collection, family photos or decorative pictures. This hanging system is perfect for you if you have a wall that you would like to dedicate to a growing family display or you have a picture/gallery display at your home or office that you like to swap frequently. It is also ideal if you just love the idea of having a modern and sleek picture rail integrated into your home or office. We are happy to offer you an all-inclusive service made to measure (consulting, planning, purchasing and installation)
  • Fixed Hanging Systems: Fixed hanging is ideal if you want an instant installation of your picture frame without much pre-planning and you do not like the idea of moving and swapping pictures around frequently. For this we can offer you a short-term installation appointment

What we offer:

  • Telephone consultation with high level of expertise
  • On-site planning & consultation with high level of expertise and valuable tips
  • Measurement service on-site (includes measuring by a professional for a perfect end result)
  • Transport and installation of picture frames (e.g. from place of purchase to place of installation)
  • Installation & Hanging of Artwork, Picture Frames
  • Planning & Installation Gallery Rails
  • All-inclusive package (consulting, planning, purchasing and installation)
  • Individual and personalized solutions

All picture hanging system installations can also be booked at short notice! 

All of the above services can be combined with each other as desired and coupled with other services.

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you.

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Installation & Hanging of Artwork, Picture Frames

Picture/Gallery Rail Installation

Examples of the cities where we can operate for Installation & Hanging of Artworks, Picture Frames, Gallery Rails and Hanging Systems Installation Services

→ Picture Installation in Frankfurt a M.

→ Picture Installation in Bad Homburg

→ Picture Installation in Friedberg

→ Picture Installation in Friedrichsdorf

→ Picture Installation in Ludwigshafen

→ Picture Installation in Eschborn

→ Picture Installation in Oberursel

→ Picture Installation in Kronberg

→ Picture Installation in Königstein im T.

→ Picture Installation in Schwalbach T.

→ Picture Installation in Bad Soden

→ Picture Installation in Kelkheim

→ Picture Installation in Wiesbaden

→ Picture Installation in Aschaffenburg

→ Picture Installation in Rüsselsheim

→ Picture Installation in Groß-Gerau

→ Picture Installation in Darmstadt

→ Picture Installation in Mannheim

→ Picture Installation in Heidelberg

→ Picture Installation in Giessen

→ Picture Installation in Mainz

→ Picture Installation in Hanau

→ Picture Installation in Karben

→ Picture Installation in Limburg

→ Picture Installation in Würzburg

→ Picture Installation in Fulda

→ Picture Installation in Marburg

→ Picture Installation in Dietzenbach

We offer short-term Installation, Hanging of Artwork & Picture Frame

in and around Frankfurt am Main and guarantee you a

professional, fast, clean and precise service!

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