I.D Storage Service in Frankfurt am Main 

Are you planning to relocate from A to B and need storage for your furniture & stuff?


Are you renovating your home or office and want to store your stuff for some time?


Are you looking for a short or long term storage service?


We have the solution for all the cases! 


While planning a relocation, renovation or any other short or long term plan storage service can be required and we are happy to organize the complete customised service, which includes:

  • Free consultation and planning the whole process together
  • Transportation service from your location to the storage facility
  • After the storage period ends transportation service from the storage facility to your location

Please Note: The storage services are provided in combination to the transportation service and on request you can also take these additional services such as professional packing, furniture dis/assembly and other services provided by us.


If you are interested, you can simply contact us with all the specific details and requirements.

We will give you enough information about the whole process such as the price, possible warehouse sizes etc.

I.D Transporte & Umzüge Service

(Frankfurt am Main)