Professional Private Moving / Relocation service in and around

Frankfurt am Main and throughout

Germany & Europe

We know that relocating can be complicated and stressful if not efficiently organized, that is why we are a great choice which provides you with a complete package of private relocation / moving services. We believe that every customer needs special attention and thus our goal is to provide customised service according to specific requirements and execute the plan accordingly.


Below you can find the wide range of private moving/relocation services :


Before Moving / Relocation:

  • Free consultation on the phone or via e-mail and in some cases a free visit at your location. Following that, a non-binding offer per e-mail within 24h will be sent
  • Organising a no-stopping zone for parking purposes (if required)
  • Professional cleaning of the new apartment/house before moving into it
  • Painting service of the new apartment/house before moving into it

During Moving / Relocation:

  • Efficient dismantling of the furniture, ceiling lights, curtain system and any other installed appliances
  • Careful packaging of furniture with bubble-wrap and plastic stretch film and other household stuff in moving boxes
  • Loading of the packed furniture and moving boxes into the truck with precision and safety
  • Transportation from location A to location B
  • Unloading of the moved stuff from the truck into the new apartment/house
  • Professional reassembly and installation of the furniture and the rest of the appliances such as ceiling lights and curtain system (if required new furniture assembly and other installations also possible)

After Moving / Relocation:

  • Professional cleaning of the old apartment/house
  • Painting service of the old apartment/house
  • Disposal service as per your requirements
  • Support service for future needs

A move can be perfectly planned, but moves are still carried out by human hands, so there is always a certain risk and  to cover that risk we always have the following insurances  included in our offers:

  1. Transport/Moving Goods insurance: It is limited to a total of 620 €/cubic meter
  2. Operating/professional liability insurance: It is limited to a total of 3.000.000 €

 2 easy steps to get a quote for a private moving / relocation service: 


1. Send an accurate description of your move & required services per e-mail or contact form.

  • Address of both locations A + B, which floor (with or without lift)
  • Complete list of the moving stuff/furniture (preferred with dimensions & weight; photos optional)
  • Desired services for eg. with furniture dis/assembly, packing, ceiling lights etc.
  • Parking possibility at both locations
  • Preferred day and time of the move

2. After receiving the contact form/e-mail the customer will be contacted within 24h with an appropriate offer.

We specialise in short-term and emergency services and also offer pre-planned moves, guaranteeing you a professional, fast, clean and precise service 

in and around Frankfurt am Main and across Europe

I.D Transporte & Umzüge Service

(Frankfurt am Main)