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in and around Frankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Darmstadt, Bad Homburg, Mannheim, Heidelberg and throughout Germany & Europe

The home of your employees is a primary place of retreat, a place of family life, and an expression of their lifestyle and performance. Our work is aimed at maintaining and restoring this environment in the best possible way.

We understand that developing and administering a relocation program that is efficient and professional, while servicing each transferring employee’s unique requirements should be smooth and easy. As a result, I.D has been providing customized quality moving programs for companies and their relocating employees for over 12 years.

Whether you are an HR manager coordinating employee relocations or you are starting an expatriate career and moving across Germany and Europe, we manage the entire relocation process for you and offer a service that goes far beyond the usual range of moving services. In order to service both the company and the employee efficiently, I.D always provides the most valuable and affordable offer according to the targeted budget with best-in-class service.

whether you have an employee relocation package or a different agreement with your company regarding moving costs settlement, we are able to help you professionally, transparently and cost-efficiently.

Before the move, we advise your employees in detail and work out an individual and unique relocation offer. You and your employees benefit from our extensive experience in the organisation of household removals.

To help companies of all sizes with the process of relocating employees I.D provides the following variety of services before, during and after moving or relocation: 


What we offer:


  • Free consultation session over the phone, video call or email
  • Site visit to understand specific requirements and plan accurately

Personalized Moving Service:

  • Moving Service from A to Z
  • Packing Service
  • Furniture Disassembly/Assembly Service
  • Ceiling Lights Installations
  • Curtain Systems Installations
  • New Furniture Assembly
  • Handyman Services

Before & After Moving/Relocation: 

  • Storage Service
  • Professional Painting Service of the old & new apartment
  • Cleaning of the old & new house
  • Furniture Disposal Service
  • Other Moving-related Personalised Services

A move can be perfectly planned but they are still carried out by human hands so there is always a certain risk and  to cover that risk we have the following insurances included in our offers:

  • Transport/moving goods insurance limited to a total of €620/cubic meter: Statutory basic liability, it is limited to a total of €620/cubic meter of the space required to fulfill the moving contract (HGB liability information below). This insurance is automatically included in every moving contract.
  • Business/professional liability insurance limited to a total of €3,000,000: personal injury, property damage and the resulting financial losses

What makes us unique?

  • A-Z Principle: One contact partner from the beginning to the end of the contract
  • All-Round Service: Professional moving, assembly & installation services by experienced technicians
  • Breaking Language Barriers: Fluent in multiple languages (English, German, Italian, Hindi, Punjabi)
  • Transparent: Fair & neutral advice with no hidden costs
  • Flexible & Punctual: Short-term availability and great punctuality records
  • Safe: Serious handling & transport of items with suitable packaging & insurance protection
  • Problem solver: Understanding customer needs & problems with a solution-driven approach

From pre-planned moving service to short-term, I.D guarantees you a professional, fast, clean and precise service in

Frankfurt am Main, Germany and throughout Europe!

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