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Transport/moving goods insurance + Business/professional liability insurance

A move can be perfectly planned, but moves are still carried out by human hands. Therefore, there is always some risk. To cover this risk, our offers always include the following two insurances!

  • Transport/moving goods insurance limited to a total of €620/cubic meter: Statutory basic liability, it is limited to a total of €620/cubic meter of the space required to fulfill the moving contract (HGB liability information below). This insurance is automatically included in every moving contract.
  • Business/professional liability insurance limited to a total of €3,000,000: personal injury, property damage and the resulting financial losses

Customers can choose the following additional insurance models if they recognize that the Transport/moving goods insurance limited to a total of €620/cubic meter does not fulfill their needs. 

1). Increase in statutory basic liability (optional)

In this case the amount per cubic meter can be decided by the customer which means it should be more than 620€ / cubic meter.

2). A new value (optional)

The sum insured should correspond to the new price for the purchase of equivalent moving goods.

Please Note: The insurances in point 1). and 2). are not automatically included in the moving contract. These are supplementary insurance options that the customer can only receive at his/her request and with additional insurance costs.

All insurance documents are in German language and for legal reasons they cannot be translated into English.

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