I.D New Furniture Assembly Service in and around Frankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Darmstadt, Bad Homburg, Mannheim, Heidelberg

As experts in new furniture assembly in and around Frankfurt am Main, we offer a professional and experienced assembly of all kinds and brands of new furniture.

Our company can perform All-In-One Package which includes consulting, purchasing the furniture, transporting the new furniture and finally assembling/installing it at the desired location.


Below are the typical cases of new furniture assembly:

  • Case 1 - Customer ordered the furniture at his/her place and wants professional installation. 
  • Case 2 - Customer purchased the furniture from the furniture store and requires transportation from the furniture store to his/her location with a professional installation.
  • Case 3 - Customer wants us to buy the requested furniture from the furniture store and requires transportation from the furniture store to his/her location with a professional installation. 

All technical installations can also be booked at short notice!

All the above cases can be combined with the moving and removals service offered by us.

2 easy steps to get a quote for new furniture assembly service: 


1. Send an accurate description of the below-listed items per e-mail or contact form.

  • Installation address
  • If the transport service required: Furniture store address (Location A) + Installation address (Location B)
  • Complete list of furniture (preferred with product's store website link or store item number)
  • Preferred day and time of the move/Furniture assembly and installations

2. After receiving the contact form/e-mail the customer will be contacted within 24h with an appropriate offer.

I.D Pictures Gallery

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IKEA purchasing, transport, new furniture assembly, ceiling lamps, curtains, other installations (complete new house installations)

New office furniture assembly with various technical installations

Examples of the cities where we can operate for New Furniture Assembly Service


 New Furniture Assembly in Frankfurt am M.

 New Furniture Assembly in Bad Homburg

→ New Furniture Assembly in Friedberg

→ New Furniture Assembly in Friedrichsdorf

→ New Furniture Assembly in Ludwigshafen

→ New Furniture Assembly in Eschborn

→ New Furniture Assembly in Oberursel

→ New Furniture Assembly in Kronberg

→ New Furniture Assembly in Königstein im T.

→ New Furniture Assembly in Schwalbach T.

→ New Furniture Assembly in Bad Soden

→ New Furniture Assembly in Kelkheim

→ New Furniture Assembly in Wiesbaden

→ New Furniture Assembly in Aschaffenburg

 New Furniture Assembly in Rüsselsheim

 New Furniture Assembly in Groß-Gerau

 New Furniture Assembly in Darmstadt

 New Furniture Assembly in Mannheim

 New Furniture Assembly in Heidelberg

 New Furniture Assembly in Giessen

 New Furniture Assembly in Mainz

 New Furniture Assembly in Hanau

 New Furniture Assembly in Karben

 New Furniture Assembly in Limburg

 New Furniture Assembly in Würzburg

 New Furniture Assembly in Fulda

 New Furniture Assembly in Marburg

 New Furniture Assembly in Dietzenbach


Please Note: Only for complete office or house installation and for big contracts we can provide the new furniture assembly service also in big cities like München, Ingolstadt, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Leipzig and Berlin

We specialise in short-term and emergency new furniture assembly, guaranteeing you a professional, fast, clean and precise service 

in and around Frankfurt am Main



I.D Transporte & Umzüge Service

(Frankfurt am Main)