I.D New Furniture Assembly Service 


in and around Frankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Darmstadt, Bad Homburg, Mannheim, Heidelberg

For I.D new furniture assembly does not just mean screwing some pieces of wood together but an art in which technical knowledge, fine hands and attention to detail play a major role so that the result brings a diffrence for the customer.


Are you planning new furniture assembly for your apartment, house or business/office space?

I.D will transform your plans and thoughts into reality!


We as experts have been serving our customers with new furniture assembly for over 12 years and we offer professional and experienced assembly of all types and brands of furniture.

Our company can do an all-in-one package that includes the

purchase advice, transport and then assembly of new furniture at the desired location.

I.D is serious, fast, flexible, professional and offers a satisfaction guarantee!


What we offer:

  • Telephone consultation with high level of expertise and valuable tips
  • On-site planning & consultation with high level of expertise and valuable tips
  • Purchasing service from the furniture store (independent/supported)
  • Transport of the goods from the furniture store to your location
  • New furniture assembly at your location
  • Disposal of old packaging materials & furniture
  • Individual and personalized solutions

New furniture assembly can also be booked at short notice!

All of the above services can be combined with each other as desired and coupled with other services.

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you.

Receive an individual offer for new furniture assembly service 

  • Submit an accurate description of your plan and required services via email or contact form
  • Your request will be processed as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours
  • If we have any questions we will call you back otherwise you will receive an offer by email
  • For short-term/emergency inquiries, please call us at the same time so that we can respond faster

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Look, judge, book!

Complete Apartment/House Furnishing & Installation ALL INCLUSIVE, from all Furniture Stores

Purchasing, Transport, New Furniture Assembly, Ceiling Lights, Curtains, other Installations

Full Set-Up, Assembly & Installation of Furniture Stores e.g. IKEA, Segmuller.

Transport, New Furniture Assembly, Ceiling Lamps, Curtains, Picture Frames & more 

Office Setup with Assembly & Installation ALL INCLUSIVE 

Transport, New Furniture Assembly, Lamps, Curtains, Picture Installations & more

New Wardrobe Assembly Service with Sliding Doors & Doors

Bed & Bunk Bed Assembly Service

Examples of the cities where we can operate for New Furniture Assembly Service

 New Furniture Assembly in Frankfurt am M.

 New Furniture Assembly in Bad Homburg

→ New Furniture Assembly in Friedberg

→ New Furniture Assembly in Friedrichsdorf

→ New Furniture Assembly in Ludwigshafen

→ New Furniture Assembly in Eschborn

→ New Furniture Assembly in Oberursel

→ New Furniture Assembly in Kronberg

→ New Furniture Assembly in Königstein im T.

→ New Furniture Assembly in Schwalbach T.

→ New Furniture Assembly in Bad Soden

→ New Furniture Assembly in Kelkheim

→ New Furniture Assembly in Wiesbaden

→ New Furniture Assembly in Aschaffenburg

 New Furniture Assembly in Rüsselsheim

 New Furniture Assembly in Groß-Gerau

 New Furniture Assembly in Darmstadt

 New Furniture Assembly in Mannheim

 New Furniture Assembly in Heidelberg

 New Furniture Assembly in Giessen

 New Furniture Assembly in Mainz

 New Furniture Assembly in Hanau

 New Furniture Assembly in Karben

 New Furniture Assembly in Limburg

 New Furniture Assembly in Würzburg

 New Furniture Assembly in Fulda

 New Furniture Assembly in Marburg

 New Furniture Assembly in Dietzenbach

Please note: Depending on the volume of the order, we can also provide services in major cities such as Munich, Hamburg, Ingolstadt, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Leipzig and Berlin

We specialize in short-term and emergency assembly of new furniture and guarantee you a professional, fast, clean and precise service in Frankfurt am Main and the surrounding areas!

Professional, Safe, Flexible, Trustworthy...Only at I.D



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