Welcome to I.D Transport & Removals Service!


Your specialist for transport, moving, removals in Frankfurt am Main area and throughout Europe

as well as

technical, installations and handyman services

in the Frankfurt am Main area and throughout Germany.

Are you planning your private relocation or company moving and looking for a serious, professional, reliable, flexible and insured moving company with experience?


Are you looking for a professional technician to set up your apartment / office for example: new furniture assembling, ceiling light installation, curtains & blinds installation and other handyman services around your home? 


We have the solution for you!


We offer you a professional, complete and flexible service according to your requirements & plan from A to Z.

Our Moving / Relocation Services


→ Private Moving / Relocation

→ Office Moving / Relocation

→ Small Transport/Moving Service from A to B

→ Packing Service

→ Furniture & Household Storage

→ Private & Office Disposal Service

→ Professional Cleaning before or after moving

→ 24/7 Emergency Short-Term Transport & Removals

Our Technical Services


→ Professional New Furniture Assembly Service

→ Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly

→ Ceiling Lights Installation

→ Curtains & Blinds Installation

→ Picture Hanging Systems Installation 

→ Handyman Services

→ Painting Service before or after moving

→ 24/7 Emergency Short-Term Technical Services

7 good reasons to decide for I.D Transports & Removals!


  1. A-Z Principle: One contact partner from beginning to the end of the contract
  2. All-Round Service: Professional moving & technical installations by experienced technicians
  3. Transparent: Fair advice & no hidden costs
  4. Flexible: Quick acceptance of short-term and emergency orders
  5. Safe: Serious handling & transport of items with suitable packaging & insurance protection
  6. Punctuality: Great on-time past records
  7. Problem solver: Understanding customer needs & problems with solution-driven approach


We offer short-term and emergency services!

Short-term/Emergency Services


We also handle all your short-term emergencies

(Services provided within 24 hours)




I.D Transporte & Umzüge Service

(Frankfurt am Main)